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Jazz Junko Nobuyoshi Junko wrote both music & words by herself. The musicians on CD are Jazz musician mostly. Well, good accoustic sounds we could listen. This is her 1st album in Nov., 2010. Japanese major magazine "JAZZ LIFE" intoroduced this album on recent issue too..

It is very refreshing and sweet sound. Personally, I would like to listen her music with electric sounds.
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We could see many musicians worldwide. Each musicians are generating many music as professional or not precessional. Most of musicians are dreaming to have a contract with the Major Label.
Now, we can see many good WEB site to introduce the music. So, musicians can introduce their music though those WEB site.
However, it is still difficult for Japanese because of language problem. We would assist those Japanese musicians to introduce their music. We have a business relationship with these musicians for Guitar parts sales, Guitar maintenance and others. Well, if you would like to listen their CD, would like to contact them on business... Anytime, please contact us.

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