MFT-FJ is set of MFT-A5 and TIB-H.

The right hole is for wiring

Front (TIB-M) Back (Zink Alloy)


Patent applied
Multi-Function Tremolo Arm MFT-FJ

The Stratocaster® was developed over 50 years ago; designed by the genius, Mr. Leo Fender. This great guitar design has been used by many artists who have made great music with Stratocasters® over the years. Mr. Leo Fender was also an excellent engineer and incorporated many of his patented ideas into his designs.
The construction of the Stratocaster® is very unique and provides for easier mass production processes using machining techniques.

Through the years, many famous artists have used the Stratocaster® including Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton, just to name a few. Their arming style generated really great tones.

The idea for the Multi-Function Tremolo Arm came from those famous guitarists. Most players control the volume or tone while they use the tremolo arm. The player must extend the hand and fingers to reach these mechanical controls.

Our concept was to put the potentiometer or other switching device at the cap of the tremolo arm to alleviate the stretching towards the controls. It sounded easy but we faced many tough problems when we began the actual design.

Our first concern was durability of the arm itself as our design dictated that the arm itself be hollowed to allow for wiring. We also had to design new control parts, etc.

The end result is this unique Multi-Function Tremolo Arm that can be used for master volume control or any other wiring application the artist desires.

Contents of Multi-Function Tremolo Arm Set

1) Multi-Function Arm (potentiometer 500K Ohm A is installed and wired)
2) Belden® cables for wiring (white, black and 3 other cover colors; 
  approx. 1 feet of each) for color coded installation.
3) 3 connectors for wiring to your guitar.
4) 1 Steel Inertia Block for the multi-function arm.

Of the three different colored wires, Gray (we use Green) will be Hot-In. White is Hot-Out and Black is Ground or cold. These should be connected to the tremolo spring fixed plate. The Steel Inertia Block is specially made for this Multi-Function Tremolo Arm Set. It is CNC machined from steel (non-lead), chrome plated and polished. The weight of this inertia block is about 300g which is about 1.3 times the weight of a Zinc Alloy inertia block.

The arm size is 5mm diameter which is interchangeable with most Japanese made Stratocaster® style guitars including Fender/Japan and Gotoh (GE101T). The inertia block is 11.3mm specification between string holes. Please note that this is not interchangeable with Fender® USA made tremolo bridges. Our fractionally dimensioned model will be available in the summer of 2010.


*the arm is made of carefully selected 304 stainless steel piping. Design limitations result in about 60% of the strength of a solid bodied steel arm. Use caution not to over stress the arm.

Stratocaster and Fender are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corp. and Belden is a registered trademark of Belden, Inc., both companies in the United States.

MFT with Fender Japan MIJ E serial ST
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